Current Brothers

The undergraduate members of Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi) at Cal are comprised of a diverse brotherhood of scholars, athletes, and gentlemen all striving for excellence in various pursuits. Currently there are 92 active members with the latest initiation of the 20 member Mu Class. Within recent semesters, Phi Psi has become one of the largest brotherhoods on the Cal campus. The brothers of Phi Kappa Psi are ambitious and always willing to lend a hand to their fellow brothers. With a founding motto of “The Great Joy of Serving Others,” Phi Psi has an emphasis on hosting large and exciting philanthropy events every semester. Each member is committed to helping out fellow brothers both on and off campus, to upholding the ideals of the creed, and to serving our community. In addition to philanthropy, Phi Psi offers an extensive alumni network that can aid undergraduate members in gaining experience in the working world. Each semester has a social calendar having multiple events each week from hosting sorority exchanges, attending sorority invites, and hosting gamedays at the house in addition many other types of events. Above all, scholarship takes priority. Weekly study nights are hosted in order to offer brothers and friends of brothers a quiet space and atmosphere. Phi Kappa Psi at Cal is a diverse, growing, and ambitious brotherhood that seeks to continue and spread the ideals of scholarship and philanthropy.

Cal Gamma Alumni

Phi Kappa Psi’s alumni network is extensive and impressive. With 51 alumni associations, around 89,000 living members, and over 100 chapters graduating men of Phi Kappa Psi each year, there is no shortage of connections for our Brotherhood.

At Cal Gamma specifically, a devoted network of alumni from all career fields are constantly visiting and staying involved with the Brotherhood. It is because of our devoted alumni that our chapter was able to purchase a brand new house, currently the largest of any fraternity on campus, within four years of reestablishment. Additionally, we have various undergraduate-alumni social events including our famous “Big Game Luncheon.” This traditional, annual lunch in San Francisco draws hundreds of Brothers from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and other Chapters the Friday before the Big Game.

Outside of the Berkeley Chapter, there are numerous opportunities for undergraduates to continue to foster their relationships with Phi Kappa Psi alumni. Such events include the Grand Arch Council (GAC) and the American Leadership Academy. Grand Arch Council is a biennial meeting that hundreds of Brothers from across the nation attend to discuss fraternity matters. The American Leadership Academy, held annually in Cabo San Lucas, is a conference generously hosted by our alumni during Spring Break. Undergraduates of Phi Kappa Psi from across the nation get to room in an all expense-paid hotel exclusively reserved for them along a scenic beachfront. In the morning, undergraduates get to listen to presentations from some of our most revered alumni on topics such as leadership, negotiation, and success in life. In the afternoon and evening, undergraduates get to enjoy the festivities and nightlife of downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Phi Kappa Psi’s alumni-undergraduate bonds are strong. Our Fraternity has no shortage of opportunities for undergraduates to connect with alumni and to promote continuing relationships at countless events.

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