Phi Kappa Psi is committed to the academic success of its members and strives to facilitate the academic experience of each member by providing opportunities for improvement and excellence in academics. Each year, Phi Kappa Psi offers over $350,000 in national and district level scholarships and grants to members of the fraternity. Furthermore, our members benefit from a strong and diverse alumni network, which help members in their search for internship and future employment opportunities. Within our chapter, Cal Gamma Phi Psi takes prides in the fact that our academic record is consistently among the best on campus and all Phi Psi chapters nationally. Cal Gamma Phi Psi offers weekly study programs, career and resume workshops with alumni, a comprehensive test bank and textbook library, and general guidance in academic success. Additionally, our chapter hosts a semestrial faculty dinner, strengthening relationships between members and their professors. Above all, however, the academic success of our chapter stems from the value of a tight knit group that guides each other through the toughest of scholastic challenges.

Leadership Opportunities

Phi Kappa Psi has a multitude of leadership opportunities available to its members. The fraternity works with an elected officer system and a committee system which is appointed once a semester. We have committees dedicated to Rush, Philanthropy, Scholarship, Social, Alumni Relations, Risk Management, Public Relations, Social, and Finance, and each one acts independently on their own separate assignments. A fraternity house runs like a business and meets once a week as a chapter to discuss current proceedings and vote on important matters.

Leadership is a quality we highly regard in our brothers, and many of them maintain positions outside of the fraternity in clubs like the ASUC, Steel Bridge, and more. As a brother of Phi Kappa Psi, we encourage each of our members to take leadership positions in the fraternity, in extra curriculars, and later on in life.


Philanthropy is one of the basic foundations of our fraternity as reflected by our motto, which is “The Great Joy of Serving Others.” These are some great organizations that our fraternity proudly participates in.

Boys and Girls Club of America

Since July 8, 2004 Phi Kappa Psi has been proud to be partnered with our national philanthropic partner, the Boys and Girls club of America, which has served as a leading organization in providing youth nationwide with guidance-oriented character programs. Each semester, our chapter hosts a university-wide philanthropy event to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of America. Starting in fall of 2013, we have hosted a sorority kickball tournament called “Phi Psi Kickin’ It,” in order to fundraise for our philanthropic partner. This spring, we hosted our second annual “Phi Psi Splash,” which is a water themed tournament between sororities with games ranging from water balloon launching to water balloon dodgeball. This year, we raised more than 1000 dollars for the Boys and Girls Club and received more than 1000 articles of clothing for our annual coat drive in support of local charities.

SAGE Mentorship Program

The SAGE mentorship program allows elementary school students throughout the east bay to receive academic and social guidance from their mentors, which are volunteers from UC Berkeley. Each year, more than twenty of our brothers participate in this program, taking at least 3 hours of their week to mentor a local elementary student from Acorn-Woodland Elementary School in Oakland. Each year, one of our brothers serves as the Director for SAGE’s Acorn Woodland Elementary program. The mentorship program allows students at UC Berkeley to develop one-on-one relationships with elementary students and give them encouragement to succeed in school. SAGE allows our brothers the opportunity to give back to the community and really make a difference in children’s lives.


The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. It centers around people growing mustaches in November and others endorsing those mustaches by giving donations which go directly to diseases like cancer and mental health. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $650 million and funding over 1,000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. The California Gamma Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi started its annual Movember fund three years ago, and in this past Movember, our team of 25 mustache-growing men raised $3,496. This ranks #1 among all student-organizations at Cal and #17 among all fraternities in the nation. We are excited to beat that number next November!

Local Philanthropy

Phi Psi is proud to participate heavily in the local philanthropic organizations and competitions aside from just our philanthropic partner. We participate in all of the philanthropy events hosted by each of UC Berkeley’s panhellic sororities. Over the past couple years, we have won Alpha Chi Omega’s “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” Alpha Delta Pi’s “ADPi Pizza Pi,” and Gamma Phi Beta’s “GPhi Joe.” On top of sorority philanthropy events, we have participated in Berkeley Project to help clean-up and give back to the Berkeley community, and Rebuilding Together Oakland, helping renovate Oakland homes.

Social Life

Phi Kappa Psi hosts a number of various social events throughout the semester where brothers have the opportunity to bond together and mix with some of the lovely ladies of the many sororities here at Berkeley. We host a wide range of events ranging from sorority exchanges, registered parties (such as Phi Psi Frost and Phi Psi Sci Fi), off-site events such as trips to Lake Anza, Bagos to SoCal, both an informal and a formal date party amongst many others. We also have consistently large groups going to many different events in the Bay Area may it be sporting events, concerts and others with many other members of the Greek Community at Cal. At Phi Psi we pride ourselves on our ability to work hard and play hard.


There is one aspect of a fraternity that is crucial not only to keeping the organization unified and progressing, but also helps to foster the memories that truly define one‘s college experience: Brotherhood. The Brothers here at the California Gamma Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi not only believe in the power of a strong and united brotherhood, we witness it on a daily basis. Ranging from brotherhood nights of consisting of a shared dinner to fraternity trips to visit other chapters, our brothers are constantly engaging in unifying and bonding activities that help to foster a sense of brotherhood that lasts a lifetime. Thus, with a growing house of over 80 men, the brothers of Cal Gamma are constantly organizing activities and events with the intent of cultivating a sense of pride and duty that only a unified house can achieve.

Among many of our brotherhood nights and activities, a few stand above and beyond others with regards to unifying our growing house. For example, as emphasized in our Creed, our chapter gathers multiple times each semester to participate in a plethora of philanthropic events. Most recently, over half of our brotherhood took part in a service project in the Berkeley, and through our bonding over the service to others; we too felt that we grew closer as a brotherhood. Additionally, with an incredibly diverse house, it is nearly impossible to find a brother who does not share the same interests with you. Thus, we constantly have groups of brothers, varying in size, embarking out on any day or night of the week to a plethora of activities, ranging from Warrior‘s Basketball games to playing Frisbee on campus. While many people choose to join fraternities for a variety of reasons, we truly believe that it is our strong sense of brotherhood and unity that allows our house to continue to grow still today.

Intramural Sports

Phi Kappa Psi at Berkeley boasts a host of IM sports teams ranging from Basketball, Football and Soccer to Dodge Ball and Ultimate Frisbee. We consistently field strong teams with all our teams fighting for playoff contention every semester. We also have participated in different CoRec IMs with some of the lovely sororities here on campus in sports such as soccer, volleyball and softball. We continue to promote athletic excellence through our fraternity and we pride ourselves on our passion for IM sports combined with great participation and even better support from the brotherhood at large.

American Leadership Academy

Cabo San Lucas

Every Spring Break, Phi Psi’s from across the nation gather in Cabo San Lucas for the American Leadership Academy. For one week, brothers bond by listening to inspiring speakers, engaging in leadership-building workshops, and enjoying the many fun activities that Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Donors heavily subsidize the event for attendees, so brothers only have to pay for a plane ticket and a minimal registration fee to receive food and lodging for the entire week. Scholarships are also available to cover the registration fee and airfare.

Brothers stay at a beachfront hotel that is exclusively reserved for Phi Psis during the Conference. A large pool, volleyball courts, expansive beaches, and an entire ocean are available for brothers to enjoy. Complementary coach buses provide transportation to and from downtown Cabo San Lucas throughout the evening.

The House

California Gamma Chapter recently moved to 2424 Warring Street, a new beautiful and permanent home. The spacious living quarters can house over 65 brothers, spanning three floors, and a basement as well. Furthermore, the stunning bay view from the roof allows you to see clear across the bay to San Francisco!

The industrial grade kitchen is a great asset to the house as well, allowing brothers to cook delicious culinary concoctions. Brothers also enjoy rousing games of fooseball and billiards thanks to the tables generously donated by the alumni! Wifi is installed throughout the house as well as cable for the television in the common room. Brothers often gather to watch sporting events and Cal sports with one another.

The house’s basement and ground floor were renovated in the summer of 2015, which was generously headed and funded by the Alumni Housing Corporation.

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